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From the Blog

  • DIY Your Way to Cozy Comfort: How to Make Your Own Floor Pillow
    diy floor pillow

    DIY Your Way to Cozy Comfort: How to Make Your Own Floor Pillow

    Creating an inviting and cozy space is important for everyone, as a home should be a place of refuge from the world. Floor pillows are one way to achieve this cozy atmosphere and can instantly lift the character of any room. But store-bought floor cushions are expensive. Why spend money when you could make your own? This tutorial will guide you through making a stylish pillow with just a few simple steps – no sewing required! With your unique design specifications, materials, colors, and sizes at your disposal, there's no limit to what kind of custom floor cushion you can create that perfectly fits both your décor and comfort preferences. So let’s get creative!

    Things You Need To Make A Floor Cushion

    For a DIY floor pillow tutorial, you will require the following things:

    - Large needle for finishing in blanket stitch and Beige tapestry wool

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  • How To Choose The Best Fabric For Pajamas
    best fabric for pajamas

    How To Choose The Best Fabric For Pajamas

    Nothing is more comforting than a good night's restful sleep. To make that happen, have you ever considered your pajama fabric choice? The material of your PJs is equally important as the design and comfort levels it provides. After all, quality fabrics will provide ease of use and breathability while in bed. Therefore, if you want to trade in those stiff, bulky cotton jammies for something softer and lighter so that you can relax into dreamland faster - this guide is here to help! Ready to find out how to choose the best fabric for your comfortable pajamas? Keep on reading!

    Which Sleepwear Fabric Is Best For My Skin

    Lightweight Cotton Pajamas

    Lightweight cotton pajamas are the perfect choice to stay cool in warmer temperatures. Made from a breathable

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  • What Is Fabric Grain: Everything You Need To Know
    what is fabric grain

    What Is Fabric Grain: Everything You Need To Know

    Ever stitched a dress or quilt and noticed that your fabric didn't seem to be stretching or lying quite right? Or maybe you've gone to buy a length of material only to struggle with decisions about grain direction? Fabric grain is an important element of sewing, quilting, and any kind of garment making. It's essential for achieving the desired fit and flow when using fabrics like silk, jersey knit, lace, or sharkskin. So what exactly is fabric grain? Let's delve into the world of woven textiles in order to understand what fabric grain is.

    What Is Fabric Grain?

    Fabric grain can be an essential element when constructing a woven garment, as it determines the way fabric hangs and drapes. A woven fabric comprises lengthwise grain (also called warp threads) and crosswise grain (also referred to as weft threads). The lengthwise grain is crucial for determining the direction of woven prints and

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